March/April 2015

  • President's Message
  • NPHIC Seeks To Tap Your Expertise
  • NPHIC-Grady College Awards Entry Period Opens March 30
  • New Membership Information
  • Health Departments Diving En Masse Into Social Media
  • ASTHO Examines Health Agencies' Social Media Splash
  • Williams Joins NPHIC Executive Board
  • Share Your Skills As A NPHIC Mentor
  • New Campaign Aims To Protect Babies From Whooping Cough
  • Get Ready To Participate In National Public Health Week
  • Nebraska Campaign Tackles Mental Illness
  • Personal Account Of A Vaccine-Preventable Tragedy
  • Make A Promise, Not A Resolution
  • How Indiana's 'Labor of Love' Media Campaign Was Born
  • 'Don't Ignore The Signs' Confronts Problem Gambling
  • Poignant 'Letters To Me' Target Tobacco

January/February 2015

  • President's Message
  • Don't Hide Your Best Work- Share It
  • Investigators Trace Listeria Back To Tainted Apples
  • Mumps in NHL, Measles At Disneyland, Pertussis All Around
  • Disgusting 'Flu Bug' Embraced By State
  • Kris Sheedy, Friend Of NPHIC, Steps Away From CDC To Focus On Family
  • Virginia's '100 Congregations For Million Hearts'
  • NPHIC Treated To Ebola Communication Stories From The Field
  • Healthiest Next Generation Program Tackles Child Health
  • CDC Campaign Promotes Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy
  • Connecticut Sounds The Alarm On CO Poisioning
  • New Membership Information
  • Well-Ahead Louisiana Signing Up 'WellSpots'

November/December 2014

  • President's Message
  • Diverse Cadre of Candidates Hopes to Become 'Certifiable'
  • Ebola: A State Health PIO Perspective
  • Awards Program Focus of Grady Study
  • Health Departments Serve Up Potpourri of Ebola Communications
  • Hawaii Lava Flow Prompts Public Health Response
  • Election Tosses Silcox Another Plate To Spin
  • States Kick Off Flu Education Campaigns
  • Get Ready For National Influenza Vaccination Week
  • 'Future Babies' Campaign Aimed At Troubled Children
  • Michigan Tackles Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Kansas Battles Toxic Pond Scum
  • New Membership Information
  • And The Winner Is: Frank Balak
  • January Is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

September/October 2014

  • President's Message
  • Five More Public Health Communicators Earn CCPH Credential
  • On Your Marks, Get Set, Get Certified!
  • Arkansas Snares Most Awards For Excellence
  • Awards: Ottawa Proves Bigger Not Always Better
  • NIAM Toolkit Smashes Record For NPHIC Website Visits
  • Dr. Besser's 'Lessons From The Other Side Of The Camera'
  • California's 'Lost Moments' Strikes Gold
  • Colorado's PIO Must Field Pot Questions, Too
  • Are You Ready For The Flu?
  • New Membership Information
  • 'Texting For Public Health' Toolkit Debuts
  • Ebola Information Line Success In Nebraska
  • Radiation Exercise Focuses On School Legal Questions
  • Paralytic Poisioning and Fukushima Radiation: Alaska's Fish Stories Have PIOs Hopping
  • Icky Germs, Dirty Hands, And Germ Fighting Heros
  • CDC Starts New Prevention Through Health Care Website
  • Big Push To Boost Lagging Adult Vaccination Rates

July / August 2014

  • President's Message
  • Lead State Health PIOs Strengthen CDC Ties
  • MERS Case An Intense Challenge For State PIOs
  • New Membership Information
  • Speak Up! And Go Back To College
  • Measles Returns With A Vengeance
  • Immunization Awareness Month Communications Toolkit Available
  • Alabama's "Just Talk About It" Takes On Suicide
  • Animal Diseases Should Concern You, Too
  • Two NPHIC Members Take On Native American Oral Health
  • California Campaigns Tackle Drought And Wildfires
  • Digital Public Health Toolkit Debuts In New York

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