July/August 2015

  • President's Message
  • August A Huge Month For NPHIC And Public Health
  • New Membership Information
  • How To Create A Winning Campaign With NO Budget
  • 'Munch Code' Grades Vending Machine Snacks
  • Getting Beachgoers To 'Break The Grip Of The Rip'
  • 'Speak Your Mind Texas' Wins Broad Coverage
  • Arizona Tribes Battle Stubborn RMSF Epidemic
  • Iowa Public Health Workers Climb Everest
  • California Promotes Safer Cleaning In Schools
  • WHO Takes Whack At Weed Killers

May/June 2015

  • President's Message
  • One CCPH Credentialing Round Ends Another Opens
  • 'Spice' Is Not Nice; It's Deadly
  • Evidence Mounts Against Electronic Cigarettes
  • Where'd You Get That Tick?
  • Minnesota's Schommer Joins Executive Board
  • Campaign Targets Rural Indiana HIV Outbreak
  • Minnesota's Anti-Obesity Efforts Paying Off
  • Connecticut's SAFER Saluted By EPA
  • Listeria Recalls Lead Barrage Of Food Safety News
  • Colorado Takes Upbeat Approach To Marijuana Education
  • 'Scale Back Alabama' Sheds A Million Pounds
  • New Membership Information

March/April 2015

  • President's Message
  • NPHIC Seeks To Tap Your Expertise
  • NPHIC-Grady College Awards Entry Period Opens March 30
  • New Membership Information
  • Health Departments Diving En Masse Into Social Media
  • ASTHO Examines Health Agencies' Social Media Splash
  • Williams Joins NPHIC Executive Board
  • Share Your Skills As A NPHIC Mentor
  • New Campaign Aims To Protect Babies From Whooping Cough
  • Get Ready To Participate In National Public Health Week
  • Nebraska Campaign Tackles Mental Illness
  • Personal Account Of A Vaccine-Preventable Tragedy
  • Make A Promise, Not A Resolution
  • How Indiana's 'Labor of Love' Media Campaign Was Born
  • 'Don't Ignore The Signs' Confronts Problem Gambling
  • Poignant 'Letters To Me' Target Tobacco
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